Hottop caught fire, advice on new roaster?

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Hottop caught fire, advice on new roaster?

Postby Jonny782 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:48 pm

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a bit of a disaster, and glad i had a fire blanket to hand. The drum stopped rotating in the final stages of the roast, and the beans caught fire in the drum, then came out and was a serious fire, q tricky to get out, as once extinguished with the fire blanket (boy i'm glad i had one of those!), it re-lit itself due to the beans having turned into embers. Plastic burnt out, kitchen filled with smoke, wife complaining the whole house stinks. So that's that. About 100 roasts a year for four years, not bad I suppose. Probably should have maintained it better, as it was making a rasping noise quite often, and the drum required a push with the finger to get it started. So do not leave your roasters unattended! Had I nipped upstairs at the wrong moment, I hate to think what might have happened. Presume its a right-off as the section underneath has burnt away. Anyone who wants it for parts is welcome, SE London SE15.

So.... any advice on a substitute. I'm thinking Behmor 1600 Plus, or a Gene Cafe. Would prefer nearly new if i can find one on Ebay at a reasonable price.
Looks like Behmor does only a light roast? Or are there any other better suggestions?

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