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SIX new arrivals!

Postby Steve » Wed Jun 26, 2019 12:19 pm

Yes that's right... SIX! :lol:

Bolivia Finca El Fuerte Natural Geisha

Rhubarb & Custard Sweets - Green Apple
In the cup this reminds me of rhubarb and custard sweets, right down to the silky texture. Behind that, there's a delicate hint of the florals you associate with this varietal. Then there's a little green apple on the finish - a delicious and complex cup.
£22.50 for 250g, £85.50 for 1kg

Bolivia Finca El Fuerte Washed Geisha

Floral - Black Tea - Peach
In the cup this is just like the smell of coffee in flower. It's very floral, with a black tea backing that up. At the same time, there's a subtle fruit sweetness which grows into peach on the finish.
£22.50 for 250g, £85.50 for 1kg

Colombia Finca El Nogal Washed Pink Bourbon

Seville Marmalade - Grapefruit - Apple Peel
In the cup this reminds me of Seville Marmalade - bitter-sweet orange, drifting in to grapefruit on the finish. On the aftertaste, it shifts unexpectedly to apple peel and molasses. A complex, elegant cup.
£14.00 for 250g, £53.20 for 1kg

Kenya Kiriga Estate AB Washed

Blackcurrant - Cherry
In the cup we're on a trip to Blackcurrant City!! There's an edge of black tea and a hint of cherry sweets on the finish, but blackcurrant screams and shouts all the way.
£8.00 for 250g, £30.40 for 1kg

Kenya Kiriga Estate AA Washed

Blackcurrant - Orange - Strawberry
In the cup this is fruit squash! It starts with blackcurrant, but seamlessly morphs into orange. In the background is a shoulder of fresh strawberry. Super clean and super refreshing.
£9.00 for 250g, £34.20 for 1kg

Kenya Kamundu SL 34 AB Sundried Natural

Blackcurrant Squash - Rhubarb - Blueberry
In the cup this really is blackcurrant squash. Blackcurrants are front and centre, but there's also a little hint of rhubarb in there. All that's wrapped up neatly by a super interesting blueberry aftertaste.
£9.00 for 250g, £34.20 for 1kg
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