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Postby Steve » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:58 pm

So. Many. New. Coffees. :D :D :D

Costa Rica ARBAR El Oasis Yellow Honey Caturra
Peach - Pineapple - Orange
In the cup it's like someone has slipped in a big glug of 5 Alive Tropical Hit fruit juice! This coffee is all peaches, pineapples and oranges, with a really complex but delicious fruit sweetness.

Costa Rica ARBAR El Manantial Red Honey Caturra
Milk Chocolate - Caramel - Orange Zest
In the cup this is a really sweetness driven coffee that massively reminds me of a Terry's Chocolate Orange! Plenty of milk chocolate, a little caramel and then orange zest on the finish.

El Salvador Finca Noruega Natural Bourbon
Sultana - Dark Chocolate - Apricot
In the cup this is a big but silky coffee, with a massive very heavy body that's full of sultanas. Also think lower percentage dark chocolate and a little apricot on the finish.

El Salvador Finca Noruega Washed Bourbon
Curly Wurly - Orange - Smashable
In the cup did you leave your chocolate bar in the sun? This is a big cup of melted Cadbury's Curly Wurly right here, milk chocolate, caramel and very sweet with a muted sweet orange thing going on too. A super quaffable and, I'd say...smashable cup of coffee!

Kenya Kiriga Estate AA Washed
Ribena - Chocolate - Black Pepper
In the cup expect a rush of blackcurrant Ribena alongside a chocolate sweetness that's perfectly balanced with a great body. The finish has a delicate black pepper spiciness that's delicate but adds plenty of interest.

Kenya Kiriga Estate AB Washed
Tropical Fruit - Dark Chocolate - Lemon
In the cup this kicks off with a tropical fruit like sweetness and acidity, then a creamy base note of dark chocolate that finishes with lemon pithiness.

Kenya Kieni Washed AA
Tropical - Orange - Caramel
In the cup this has a Tolly tropical taste of Lilt (regional reference there for you) in both its sweetness and acidity. It also has an effervescence to add to this descriptor. In the aftertaste it turns a little more orangey (Tango) with a delicate caramel hint.

Kenya Kieni Washed Peaberry
Red Apple - Lime Zest
In the cup this has a red apple acidity and sweetness, but in the mix is a creamy smooth body like a lime mousse before shifting to lime zest on the finish.

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