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Postby motoman » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:01 am

Looking at Ed's question about bean to cup machines, I also have a problem with pod machines. My son had already gone through three of them but still likes the brew they produce, my request for a pod that makes coffee does not go down well. I spent the holiday period at his place drinking tea, he puts it down to coffee snobbery, I consider pods as a blight on humanity. I have yet to taste a cup of the stuff that does not leave a nasty after taste, not that I think the first taste is fit to drink. Friends who know my taste in coffee, have asked my opinion of their new pod machine. I have learned to say "I'm sorry, I cannot sleep after drinking coffee after 4pm.
I am at a loss to understand how such machines exist, George Clooney is in my opinion mainly to blame, his acting ability allows him to swallow the stuff and keep a smile on his face. Am I alone in this? Do others quail at the prospect of a cup of this stuff being thrust on them? I know how real coffee can be ruined, just remember (if you are old enough) the UK coffee shops of the 1960/70/80 era. Would I be drinking the muck if Steve and you orroble lot on the site had not opened my eyes? Horlicks anyone?
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Re: Nes.......pre....ohhhhhh

Postby bruceb » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:24 am

I just posted a little about this on the bean-to-cup thread. Pods and pads are no better than pre-ground coffee because that is what they contain. Pre-ground coffee is by definition stale and rancid when you buy it. Not only that, I talked to someone from the industry (who would not want his name mentioned in this context) and he admitted that the coffee that goes in is not really what the label says it is. Apparently, by law it has to be 30% Brazil if you label it as Brazil. It's like letting a steer walk through a tub of water and selling it as beef soup. The pads and pods are practical, meaning they are practically useless. If bean-to-cup machines could be built to reliably do what they are supposed to do and do it correctly they would be the answer. However, as I mentioned in that other thread, the only ones that can do that cost about as much as a small car.
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Re: Nes.......pre....ohhhhhh

Postby Machine_Repair_Man » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:40 pm

as a convert to the little pods they created, i just had to reply lol
i deal with loads of differing coffee in my life, yes if practical i would have a small machine with a grinder next to it... BUT if you think the nespresso ones are bad, try the lavazza ones... im all for the bovril in that case..
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Re: Nes.......pre....ohhhhhh

Postby sicinius » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:33 pm

I always say, when asked, that Nespresso pods aren't my choice but no one can deny they remain the best way yet devised of underextracting coffee from stale grounds if you don't mind the damage they do to the environment.
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