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Postby PeterAG » Wed Dec 22, 2004 12:47 pm

I seem to remember that the original Guiness ( the inventor, J. Arthur was it??) sold his soul to the devil for the secret of making the stout taste good.The secret was the water of the River Liffey(spelling??)which flows through the centre of Dublin

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Postby wang » Sat Dec 25, 2004 10:44 pm

Haha, that river is FILTHY. I pass by it all the time - it is truely revolting. You'd need to be hosed down by a biohazard squad if you took a dip in it.
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Postby HughF » Fri Jan 07, 2005 1:14 pm

phil wrote:The godforsaken place is Park Royal, London. London Guinness always tastes worse than Dublin Guinness. From my brewing days I believe it to be the water that is the main reason for this.


Many years ago, I was told that the London Guinness was pasteurised and the Dublin version was not; it might not be true today though. The water will make a difference too, as you say.

You could try Guinness Foreign Extra stout in small bottles, stronger (7% ABV?) and sweeter than standard Guinness with (I think) almost a coffee taste within it, it's very nice. A few off licences carry it now, it's apparently what they sell to Nigeria.


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Postby phil » Fri Jan 07, 2005 1:23 pm

Many, many years ago I used to use bottled London Guinness to provide yeast from which to brew beer. It can't have been pasteurised then!
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Postby steves » Fri Jan 07, 2005 1:33 pm

Well, that depends. How successful was your brewing? :wink:
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