It's not a crime.

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It's not a crime.

Postby motoman » Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:15 pm

verything went quiet as soon as I entered the pub. I could see people nudging their companions and pointing as if to say,

"That's him.. That's the one I was telling you about."

A few customers tried to trip me up as I made my way to the bar, and one even showed their contempt for me by spitting on the ground by my feet.

"What can I get you?" sneered the barman, "Same as before..?"

I looked him straight in the eye, then turned round to face the rest of them as I said, "Yes please.. Same as before."

Bugger 'em, I thought. Real Ale pub or not.. If I want a pint of lager, I'll bloody order a pint of lager.
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