WANTED: Barista, Vienna

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WANTED: Barista, Vienna

Postby Joey » Wed Nov 10, 2004 9:38 pm

Hi everybody! :)

Tomorrow we'll have opened since a month and things are running well. But I can't work 24/7, and I need to look out for good full time Baristas rather sooner then later. 8)
Right now we are 3 Baristas, which gives each of us 2 days off from this week on. But if one of us gets sick or goes on Vacation - the others would have to make over-hours again.... :cry:

So, as I had troubles enough getting all the permissions for Luke from the USA to work here, I would appreciate to find someone from the EU, or at least with a valid working permit.

We have opened Monday to Saturday from 9-23°° and Sundays and public holidays from 10-21°°. (Closed on the 24th of December)
That means shifts start from:

1st shift: 8:30-16:30°°
2nd shift: 16-24°° (with almost every day an over hour, paid - of course)
Sundays the shifts last 1 hour less.

I am looking for someone who wants to learn a lot about making perfect shots with single origins. He/She must be a charming host, a teamplayer, self-confident but not swanky, and also willing to always maintenance + clean the working area/machines/guestroom, too. (Sorry folks, but that's necessary, too :? )

We have wonderful customers, very polite and civilised. The tips will be divided through all the hours and every crewmember gets his/her share.
Even the barista who is not running around like the waiters. (We decided so, because if a guest gives a tip - he has to pleased with both - the coffee and the service :) )

Salary: There is a collective contract which gives a limit which is for sure. We take 15% of our sales from drinks & food and prorate it with all crewmembers. So if we sell a lot you can earn more then the minimum, if sales are not enough - you get at least the minimum.

Well, if someone wants to know more, please feel free to write me an email.

German language is necessary - if you don't speak it now, you should at least try to learn it when you are here :roll:

You can see pics from the club here in the gallery:

Oh, one last thing - appartements in Vienna with 35 - 60m2 cost about 300 - 500 Euros.

Did I forget something? :shock: Ask Joey coffee@moccaclub.com

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Postby Steve » Fri Nov 12, 2004 6:45 am

I wonder if the the wife could fit in the extra work and travelling time :twisted:

Sounds like the perfect job (after mine of Course) :)
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Postby Beanie » Sat Nov 13, 2004 11:12 am

Hi joey,

How about a counter-proposition?

How about I come down and work for you in exchange for training? Then you can take your time to find your perfect new staff member!

Okay, okay, don't freak out even though I sound kinda freakish now ;-p Just to show you how my brain works a bit and how this all came about.... Yesterday: Mini ME is IN. Picked up almost (4 days old) fresh roasted beans. Forgot to pick up 2 kilos of cheap beans for testing. In the meantime, it occurs to me "wish I could have some training". Anyway, was on the way to pick up cheapie beans when b/f father calls for computer advice (there must be a sign on the front door of the house that says "Computer hospital" or something similar that remains invisible only to the 2 of us)... and they're STILL on the line. So, naturally, I sign on and here I am! :-)

Oooh ooh... he's off the phone! Bye! Watch out beans!
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Postby Joey » Sat Nov 13, 2004 1:15 pm

Hey, Marcy, that would be volunteering....nice idea. As you said, I still have to find a full timer, but I think it's a nice idea to let you work with us. About what time are you thinking? I am sure someone like you, who is interested in coffee learns quicker then someone who "just needs a job". Tell me more about what shifts and what time (days, weeks...December, now?...) you are thinking... coffee@moccaclub.com

See ya!
"Latte" is french for "you've paid too much for your coffee"
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