Planning a short trip with my mom... "Who brings the be

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Planning a short trip with my mom... "Who brings the be

Postby Terje » Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:55 pm

We're going the three of us, my mom, my wife and me (lost my dad more than a year ago) to see some exhibitions of a few favortie watercolorists. So we're planning where to stay, where to meet (wife and me are going ahead so we all meet up a few days later), which exhibition to visit first and so on.

The main thing though for me and my mom is "who brings the beans". I offered to bring everything, beans, moka pot, grinder, just to be sure we got the stuff but my mom is renting a car so she'll bring it all.

I am so relieved.

My wife doens't give a shit cause she doesn't like a coffee. Which is why we get along so well cause then I can keep it all for myself. Most of the times when I have made a great cup I want her to try it. She's curious so she tries it and then her face just wrinkles up... it's fun to watch :)I
Different beans and a frying pan, Zassenhaus grinder and a couple of moka pots...
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