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Guiness Book of Records

Postby Gouezeri » Fri Jun 10, 2005 1:36 pm

Howabout a new world record... a well known london chain already has the record for the amount of sales per square metre (£195,426 per sq. m) which got me thinking the other day...

Whilst standing in line for an orange juice (couldn't face the coffee!) at a coffee outlet no bigger than about 4 square metres (in a train station), I started to count the number of 1kilo packets of beans... I got to somewhere over 40 and I had to pay for my orange juice... the poor girl behind the counter was starting to look at me funnily anyway as I was mumbling figures under my breath and I was staring all over the little shop looking for hidden bags.
So, that's roughly 10kilos of stale beans per square metre... can anyone beat that ;-)
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