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Coffee, Cocktails & Cigars...

Postby Joey » Tue Apr 05, 2005 4:23 am

Well, well. Life never gets boring. So rescently I added Cocktails to the menu in our shop. We dim the light around 8pm and play the Latino - Lounge - Buddha Bar - Man Ray - Café del Mar CDs a bit louder then usual. Lots of Ccandles light the place. And as we don't want to argue with customers about Cocktail recipies, we decided to by a book with "original recipies" which we then take very seriously. So, as it was the idea of one of my baristas, we went to the book store and found the books by Mr. Schuhman, pope of cocktails, master of the alc and obviously very famous. So famous that if we say "we have the original recipie", guests should be impressed.
Whatever, I also bought a book about the cocktails made in the Ritz - Hamingway Bar in Paris, who invented them, why, and whom are they named after.... Very interesting!
And the most amazing part was: there are cocktails for cigars!
The thoughts behind that are not only "what alcohol fits to tabacco" - nooooo, I read that cigars burn in 3 parts: First you have the grassy - planty tones. and from the middle on you get the "real flavors", and then is the third part. But never smoke your cigar too quickly, as you might overheat it and don't get the flavors that you are supposed to be tasting...

Til now it reminded me on making an espresso - if the temp is too high - you burn the coffee ;-)

So, a good barkeeper knows which cocktail fits to which cigar, and an even better barkeeper watches the state of the smoke - meaning: in which part of the cigar the guest is right now, and then chooses a cocktail.

Isn't that amazing?

And why did I write "coffee" in the headline? Because in one of these books I found an amazing reciepe for a coffee cocktail. Really - I had to drink two today, and I am not a big alcohol fan, believe me.

It's called "peppinos coffee".

4cl Tequila (I think it was gold, but I have to check again)
1-2 cl Kailua

(heated together, well, I warmed the glass with hot water and that warmed the alc, too)
My barista made the drink for me and added:

1 espresso
Cream on top of it, which disolves in the coffee and makes it lighter.

I don't remember now if there should be a spoon of raw sugar - I think there might be added one in the alc.

Anyway - this is a hot, smooth, well balanced drink that runs down the throat without hurting, and pleases the tounge and warms the soul.

I know you guys wanna drink your coffee pure, but just try it - it's something different, and it is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far for the coffee, cigar and cocktail experiences from today. Just wanted to share.
Thanx for reading til here :)

"Latte" is french for "you've paid too much for your coffee"
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Postby RobC » Wed Apr 06, 2005 11:17 pm

Sounds tempting Joey, will give it a try, at least I know the tequila will make me happy!
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Postby Joey » Thu Apr 07, 2005 12:43 am

Rob, I made one myself today. The correct recipie is:

warm up the glass
put the spoon raw sugar inside, it melts a bit because of the heat.
Pour 2 shots espresso in it, it melts the rest of the sugar.

Then add 3 cl Tequila (white) and 1-2cl Kailua (I took 2 ;-))

I topp the drink with whipped cream, but not the hard whipped one. I have the possibility to adjust my whipped cream machine to different stiffness levels. All I want is, that the cream melts quickly and makes a nice light layer on top, but it shouldn't be a mountain like on an Irish coffee. Just a liquid light layer.....

Have fun!!

"Latte" is french for "you've paid too much for your coffee"
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