Minister in embarrissing coffee affaire

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Minister in embarrissing coffee affaire

Postby E61 » Fri Jan 28, 2005 6:13 pm

This interview appeared today in my newspaper made by one of our senior humorists (yes we actually employ a group of humorist writers). It is translated by me from Danish to English and I apologise for the mistakes, but English is definitely not my primary language.

And remember to read it with a big smile :-)


Minister in embarrissing coffee affaire

Copyright Politiken/Bjarne Schilling

Despite our international obligations to promote coffee drinking, the household penetration is falling. The responsible minister drinks tea.

There are many international treaties that can be turned and twisted and are difficult to understand for the normal citizen.

And then there are others, where it is crystal clear what the countries are obliged to do. Like for example the international coffee treaty.

Its article 41 is impossible to misunderstand. “The member states are obliged to promote the consumption of coffee in all possible ways”

At another point in the treaty it is stated that the goverments must ”promote and increase the consumption of coffee with all possible means”. The Kingdom of Denmark have signed and ratified the treaty, which is deposited at the General Secretary of the UN

Falling consumption

But despite our international obligations the Danish households drinks less coffee. Figures, from the business, shows that both the consumption and the number of households drinking coffee are on falling.

2003 was the first year in a long time where less than 90% of the households were drinking coffee and the consumption pr. household could just barely climb up to 10 kilo a year.

What does the responsible minister, Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller (Conservative) do?

Drinking tea, right?
”Yes. Of course I had hoped, that I could keep it a secret in the last days up to the election” says a very honest foreign minister

Will you make the election promise that you switch to coffee?
”No, I will not. I’m part of a very vulnerable minority. When I attend meeting, there is always plenty of coffee. Maybe 14 thermos with coffee, but none with tea. Then if I ask if it is possible to get some tea, and I succed, then suddenly half of the coffeedrinkers decide they rather drink tea. And then the pot will be empty when it reach me” tells the foreign minister.

We have actually promised to drink coffee till it come out of our ears, but the consumption is falling. What will the government do to turn that development?
”Of course we stand by our obligations. The purpose of the treaty is to protect the free trade with coffee” answers Per Stig Møller.

The credibillity of Denmark

And increase the consumption. But you are not exactly increasing the consumption by …
”Let me make it clear, that a democracy must protect it minorities”

And then the credibillity of Denmark must come second?
”That’s not what I am saying. All I’m saying is that we are a very vulnerable minority, who prefers tea” it comes from the minister

And then others must do the hard work with the coffee?
”But it must be more than 30 years since I switched to tea. And the Conservatives will always guard the personal freedom”

Shouldn’t you – as a minister – be a role model …?
“No! We are a minority and we have rights too”

… when the consumption drops …

... and drops?

Will you then encourage the population to …
”No! And let me remind you that there is also something called the Human Rights” it comes from Per Stig Møller

Remember to vote 8. february :) :) :) :)
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Postby jumper » Fri Jan 28, 2005 10:35 pm

sounds like our prime minister
good one!
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