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Who is still about?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 11:13 pm
by CakeBoy
I know a few of the old faces are still dropping in from time to time and mostly read but I’ve been thinking it’s time to put out a shout and have a bit of an online reunion here and see who is around.

I’m still in touch with a few of the gang and am aware others have probably left the hobby. Most of us are older and many are creakier too, but that’s okay, creaky folk can enjoy coffee just a bit slower that’s all.

So let’s see if anyone spots this! Who is around and what are you up to in your coffee adventure?

Re: Who is still about?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:25 pm
by Ed
I am here.

My coffee journey has reached a plateau. I am making myself a brew that I like with gear I use confidently. I can do it consistently and it satisfies me and the friends who partake of it.

Much as I would like to develop my equipment, constraints of money and space in the kitchen conspire against it.

There are loads of old threads showing here and I would really like it if more people posted regularly and made this site a fresh and vital resource for other coffee lovers.

Re: Who is still about?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:00 pm
by dr.chris
Barely ever look in these days, sadly. Still have the loverly Anna, going strong after yet another replaced controller 3 or 4 years ago.

I have switched to a pour over personally but the wife still makes caps with Anna. I am seriously thinking about digging up the old MC2 and doing a few espressos, but sharing a grinder with the wife using different beans was not working, and it seemed like a lot of effort to get an indifferent espresso against a very reliable pour over with a nice laser cut reuseable cone.

Back in the real world things are stable but much more stressful than I'd like, for more reasons than I'd like to go into. Still I did finally get to turn my computational modelling skills to a project for a major coffee company. Was impressed that when we went to see them the guy who asked me about my coffee setup asked about the grinder I had right after asking about the machine.

Re: Who is still about?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:48 pm
by CakeBoy
It’s nice that some of us occasionally still drop in for a look. Happy new year to you both and anyone else reading!

We still have our Anna too Chris but she became poorly three years ago. Despite numerous rebuilds by various people involving all sorts of parts she retained a pressure loss and made a screech that no-one could fathom. So we have an ECM dual boiler now which is also a lovely machine.

It’s nice to hear people outside of our obsessive circles are recognising some of the importance of grinders these days Chris. We still have our MC2 as well, the one Scott supplied after our first foray into espresso and the somewhat notorious Cunhill Tranquillo incident around fifteen years ago. Much of the little amount of brewed we consume is still ground by the Starbucks branded Dualit E60, also known as Solis 166, which was our first burr grinder back in very late 2004.

There is a lot to be said for knowing the equipment well that you use as you say Ed, it definitely does add to both consistency and quality.

The old days on here seem so long ago. I reckon groups in hobbies go through generational changes. For some they move on through interests and for a few of us we will be at it until the very end because we just can’t manage without great coffee. The social side was such great fun too.

See you around chaps.

Re: Who is still about?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 4:50 pm
by motoman
Hi Cakey, glad you are still here. I hope I can still find my way in the forum and catch up with the topics I like, I still have a lot of hospital visits to look forward to although the Covid virus is causing delays to my treatment. I have spent my lockdown incarceration stripping and rebuilding my Huky roaster, getting La Valentina serviced and repaired and painting and decorating. I am getting fitter, I manage to sneak out in the evenings to walk along the river and have managed up to two Miles then a day at home to recover from my idiocy.

Re: Who is still about?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:13 pm
by phil2spill
Hi guys,

nice idea for a thread, Cakey, it's good to hear where people are at with coffee and real life. I have good memories of the friendliness of TMC. I was over on CoffeeGeek the other day and that is pretty quiet, too. I suppose much of the traffic has moved onto SM now. H-B still quite active but is heavily espresso- and US-oriented.

Still love coffee, of course! Like dr.chris I've moved away from espresso in recent years due to the faff and hideous waste, but keep meaning to have a few shots again sometime and perhaps have it as a weekend morning treat. Main coffee method these days is manual pour-over using a kettle and either Hario V60 or old-fashioned Melitta cone. Everything weighed out carefully and water temperature checked with a Fluke. I find it really satisfying getting everything just right and without incurring any waste and enjoy the long clean cup resulting from paper filter.

Also sometimes use AeroPress, but again find it a bit of a faff and a flawed brewer in some respects (*cough overhyped*). Also the Swissgold one-cup and collection of moka pots get regular use, with an occasional Cona or Santos vac-pot, including at the end of Christmas lunch where it has become a tradition.

Have amassed five spresso machines now: three silvias of various vintages, a Fracino semi-professional HX and a nice old LaPavoni commercial 1-group as a doer-upper. Will aim to ultimately just keep the best Silvia, fitted with all the bells and whistles as it meets my limited requirements. Four Mazzer grinders and a big BUNN filter mill.

Health has been a bit dodgy with a mild heart attack last year which has also informed the move towards paper-filtered coffee. Haven't worked since the summer as a result so funds for coffee kit are short at present. Will hopefully rejoin the workforce soon as we emerge bleary-eyed from lockdown.

Anyway it's nice to be reminded of the community spirit of TMC, that is in no small part down to your fine work here Cakey, and I wish everyone the best for 2020 and beyond. It would be great to hear from more members in this thread so I'll be popping back in to check. All the best, folks :D