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James Hoffmann - "The Best of jimseven" book

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:26 am
by CakeBoy
Some of you may be aware that James announced on his YouTube channel last week that he is publishing his second book (he penned the excellent World Atlas of Coffee back in 2014), it is a collection of his writings from his website over the years.

He explains that it will contain four sections covering the subject of speciality coffee and its development in the UK. Of course James' writings over the past thirteen or so years chart the time when our favourite subject grew from a niche laughed at by the industry to seeing the industry desperately try to keep up with the new standards set by the few.

The book is all set up and ready to go at James' expense and he has launched an indigogo campaign here to fund the publishing, which has reached 75% of its target in just four days!

There will only ever be one print run of what will be lovely cloth bound hardback books to compliment his Atlas, and those pre-ordering will receive a signed copy and a digital copy for £25. Well worth a read.