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A Grand Day Out

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:39 pm
by Tongle
I had to go into Manchester for a meeting and decided to go early in order to treat myself to breakfast.
I managed to find HomeSweetHome (see previous thread re-Manchester).
Have to say it was fantastic.
Had their version of Eggs Benedict with very crispy bacon and two mugs (yes....mugs! Not teacups, shot glasses or tumblers!) of Hasbean Philter blend :D ......lovely. £2.20 for unlimited refills with food ordered before 12.
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After the meeting I was near Deansgate so went for my first visit to Grindsmith. Ordered a Chemex. Nice brew but took 15mins and cost......wait for it.....£4.50!!!!!!! :shock: Is it just me but is that a bit steep?

So the independent shops I've been to so far;
North Tea Power
Pot Kettle Black
Home Sweet Home

Re: A Grand Day Out

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:33 am
by dr.chris
I have only been to the Grindsmiths 'shack' but I remember their espresso prices being pretty good value. I think the syphons(which I am still yet to try) were £4 or so. But then I don't get into Manchester proper that often

It's not that long ago that it was only NTP and Coffeefix that were worth a recommendation around Manchester. Things have moved along nicely :)

Re: A Grand Day Out

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:55 pm
by Tongle
Very true, at least there are an increasing number of good independents.

The shop in Saddleworth (Toast) only charges £1 whatever you order though the overheads are bound to be tiny in comparison to central Manchester.
I did like the Grindsmith ambience, much bigger than I was expecting and quite comfortable. The espresso based drinks were around £2-3 which is very reasonable.