Coffee in Amsterdam - the normal stuff!

Is it actually possible to find a good shot?

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Coffee in Amsterdam - the normal stuff!

Postby atlantis » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:42 pm

I did a search here before I left for Amsterdam and couldn't find anything so I was resigned on the thought that I'd have to deal a week with mud water.

That was pretty much the case till after a brilliant omelette at a local shop we went past what was looking a brand new cafe. The smell was really inviting but on the window among the lattes and the cappuccinos there were cold coffee drinks advertised. Pretty much put me off straight away and started walking past it, better half - patient as they come till then about my moaning of lack of good coffee around - insisted - sure you don't want to give em a shot?

Having nothing to lose really - other than a few more miles walking about hoping that something will emerge in what seemed to be a coffee desert I entered.

Things looked a lot better once inside, the guys behind the counter were taking their time preparing the coffees and I instantly smiled when after sitting down one of the baristas brought to the lady on the next table a drink with some excellent latte art.

Nothing more to say from there on other than I had 5 coffees from them that day and visited them every day for the next three of my stay. If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam give them a go.

The store is Screaming Beans and only a short walk from the centre :)
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