KaffeeKultur Fulda, Germany

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KaffeeKultur Fulda, Germany

Postby bruceb » Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:30 pm

Fulda is probably not among the first destinations on anyone's "Places to see in Germany." It is close to the geographic centre of modern Germany and a city of about 64,000 in Hesse. It has numerous examples of extravagant Baroque architecture, has a castle-palace from 1712 and one of the best coffee shops to be found "out here in the sticks." Karin, Andor and I went there for a visit today and it was well worth it. We have absolutely no personal interest in the place so I won't hesitate to share my observations about it. I'll put some pictures up as well.

After perusing the attractively decorated front window, the first impression a visitor receives upon entering the shop is a 5 kg Probat roaster and further on a 2-group Faema E61 Legend. I spoke with the owner and her husband and then ordered an espresso, Karin had a cappuccino and Andor watched attentively. The espresso was made from Brazilian "Santos" beans, medium-dark roasted (Full City +, well into second crack I'm guessing) and was clean, chocolaty with virtually no bitterness. The pleasant acidity had a fruit note that lasted well into the aftertaste. Karin was impressed with the cappuccino and noted that it was the best she has ever had outside of our home. :oops: :D Both espresso and cappuccino were served with a chocolate coated coffee bean and a glass of water.

Sweets and light meals are served, there are chairs out front on the sidewalk and there is a lovely and very sunny "coffee garden" in back with comfortable chairs and attractive tables. Inside the general feeling is of "less is more" with modest, but comfortable furnishings and a large variety of espresso machines, grinders, mocha pots and various coffee paraphernalia. In addition to two house blends, 25 different SOs are available with fresh roast dates.

All-in-all KaffeeKultur is worth going out of your way to visit if you are passing anywhere nearby. Website in German: www.kaffeekultur-fulda.de
KaffeeKultur_03.jpg (19.49 KiB) Viewed 3583 times
Probat roaster
KaffeeKultur_02.jpg (28.92 KiB) Viewed 3583 times
Faema E-61 Legend and grinders
KaffeeKultur_01.jpg (15.77 KiB) Viewed 3583 times
Three Francesconi (CMA) espresso machines - Rossi, San Marco, LaCimbali, Faema and 2 Mazzer Major grinders- CoffeeTech Maggionlino, Hottop, Alpenröst and HW Precision roasters.
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