Is it actually possible to find a good shot?

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Postby bruceb » Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:18 pm

Just returned from 10 days on the island. We spent 10 days there last year and it was good to notice that the coffee, although not on a level with London, Portland or Seattle, has improved in that one year. I decided to just order an espresso after dinner or a cappucino in the afternoon, regardless of where I was and to try to enjoy the experience regardless of the apparent quality of the coffee.

Last year I was disappointed in both the quality of the beans and the quality of the shots, but this year I felt that both had improved and especially the effort the barista made in pulling the shots made a world of difference. I won't bother trying to recommend any places in particular, but in Felanitx, in Petra, Manacor, Artà, Inca and Sóller I had some very enjoyable shots and I noticed that the baristas showed pride in their efforts, in contrast to a general indifference last year.

I wouldn't be surprised if the large number of UK tourists, some of whom are certainly used to good espresso in London and other places at home, played a role in this improvement. Whatever the reason I enjoyed the coffee and I enjoyed the beautiful weather, excellent food and pleasant people.
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