9 November get-together

Is it actually possible to find a good shot?

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Postby DrZeus » Sun Nov 09, 2003 1:04 pm

phil wrote:A great shame John can't make it. How long before you get your legal resident status?

(And on another topic, did you get any greens?)

I didn't even see this until today, Phil. I just turned in my paperwork a week ago, and it apparently takes 3 months to complete. This is something I should have turned in within my first week here, but with everything else involved in moving to a new country with a new language and a new culture, it took 6 months. :?

As for green, I've been in private contact with Steve, and he's getting a quote together for me. Thanks for asking!
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Postby Steve » Sun Nov 09, 2003 7:03 pm

Thanks to sunny phil and hugh for coming up today. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll let you all take the story on as i'm kind of biased. For those who couldnt come you were missed.

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Postby HughF » Sun Nov 09, 2003 7:59 pm

It was a very interesting day, many thanks for organising it Eeffoc.

I will just "speak" personally, not for anyone else :
There were some very interesting discussions of the current state of home-roasting (including the potential for the Hottop in Europe and the availability of the I-Roast).

Eeffocs new roaster looks extremely nifty and we saw the first serious roast on it; it's kind of mind-boggling seeing that many green beans going into just one roast after the 75/85 gram loads of my HWP. I (knowingly) heard second crack for the first time ever during that roast.

I came out with a bit more faith in the roasting of my HWP (having inflicted a home-roasted JS4321 espresso blend on Eeffoc and Phil) and an interesting idea for obtaining a more even roast from my current interpretation of the JS4321 espresso blend which will let me take it a bit darker (replace the 30% Aged Sulawesi which roasts too fast in the HWP with Eeffoc's Bolivian).

Some Indian Cherry Robusta was offered in the cupping by a sadistic Eeffoc; unforgettable is the polite description! I thought the other 4 (arabica!) coffees (Brazil, Bolivian, Panama, ?Costa Rican? - I may be wrong here) in the cupping were very nice, particularly the Brazilian and Bolivian (I bought 2Kg of both). I also bought a 14oz. frothing jug as it looked like the JS-suggested shape for latte art (straight-sided and with a small, straight "beak") - it's like the quest of the desperate but optimistic golfer for the ultimate putter I guess! (That's the third similarly-sized frothing jug I've bought. At least they're cheaper than golf clubs.)

I thought I checked the batteries on my ageing digital camera before travelling but these promptly gave up on the first shot after I arrived in Stafford so I regret the absence of any incriminating photos here...

Thanks again to Eeffoc, our very gracious host, for a highly enjoyable day.

Grinders : Macap MXK conical for espresso, Mahlkoenig Vario for Chemex, Macap MC6 (spare when our office was closed) for cafetiere, Zassenhaus Knee Mill for cafetiere when working away from home.
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Postby Raf » Sun Nov 09, 2003 8:42 pm

Thanks, Hugh, it's great to read about your day together. I hope more stories will follow!
This week I am eagerly anticipating the first god shots from my La Spaziale machine....

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