The Espresso Room, Bloomsbury, London

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The Espresso Room, Bloomsbury, London

Postby PhilT » Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:19 am

Worth adding a note here on The Espresso Room in Bloomsbury, London, which has just opened.

31-35 Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3HZ ... oom-London

I visited yesterday and had a delicious flat white (£2) and a good ham & mustard roll for lunch. They do a few cakes, muffins and meringues too. The coffee was Square Mile, and they sell Hasbean & Square Mile beans by the bag. Also, tea in posh and builders variants.

Nice atmosphere created by Ben Townsend in an admittedly tiny space; but there's room for 3-4 inside and some seats on the pavement. Actually, I thought the people spilling out of the shop onto the pavement worked rather well. As I had my drink, a lot of people going past were craning round to check out what was happening in this place.

Seems like it's popular with the doctors from over the road (for good reason). The British Museum is just to the west too, of course.

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