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Hasbean Unleaded

PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:29 pm
by Tongle
Been looking forward to this one and it certainly has not disappointed.

I would never normally drink coffee at 9.24 in the evening and really need to watch my caffine intake anyway so was curious about this blend.

Well, it does what it says on the tin (packet). Lots of flavour and a very nice aroma from my V60.
There is an initial sweet hit which turns into buttered toast for me. Not a lot of acid but a very, very smooth malty aftertaste.

A really drinkable brew. I have no doubt this will become a staple for me. Now my evenings can also be filled with delicious coffee yummines!

Also just signed up to the monthly deal at Hasbean. Oh dear, I swore I wouldn't become obsesed but.......