Tijuco Preto Espresso

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Tijuco Preto Espresso

Postby simonp » Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:09 pm

The last couple of days I've been drinking Square Mile Roasters' Tijuco Preto single origin esprsso beans. This has a very light roast, not much past first crack I would say. It is quite intolerant (as are many single origins) of any chanelling or too coarse a grind, but when you get it right it is SO sweet, way more than I would expect from such a light roast.
The notes say "notes of marzipan, caramelized apple and a little Nutella which is topped off by a buttery mouthfeel and a delicately spicy finish."
I can't say I really got marzipan, but the others I woud agree with. Somewhat lost in milk, though I blended 50% of this with some Kalosi and Yigacheffe I had roasted and the is made a lovely sweet cappa.
The beans are high in density and so you won't get as big a dose volume as I would expect with a given weight of beans so I have been up-dosing a gram or so.
The best shot I have had so far is with 21g in the 20g VST basket giving a 30 second 40g shot.
I've also been brewing on the high-ish end of the temperature scale at arounf 94C, or as close as I can get with an HX machine.

I have some of their Red Brick espresso blend to try too, so looking forward to that :)
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