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Beans from

Postby mankini » Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:35 pm

Has anyone tried the following roasted beans from bellabarista?

1Izzo Vivi Verde Roasted Coffee Beans
Italian coffee blended only like the Italians can. From Naples where coffee is a passion this is a full bodied coffee based on a Central America green blend with 60% arabica and 40...

2)1kg Italia Creme Roasted Coffee Beans
Bella Barista Italia Creme The Italia Creme is by far our most popular blend it is an extremely hardy mix that produces excellent results whatever the conditions. Finest Coffee ...

Both come in at 10 quid for a kilo which seems very reasonable. Has anyone tried them? Any reasons to buy or avoid?
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RE: Beans from

Postby icke » Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:52 pm

hi mankini,

i can't say anything about those particular blends. but i personally don't like espresso blends which contain considerable (that is more than 10% for me) amounts of robusta. the Izzo blend contains 40% robusta and the Italia Creme even more. they don't specify the percentage. they just say:
'Special blend of Robust and Arabica with more Robusta influence for that extra kick.'
To me that sounds like there's more than 50% robusta in it...
my taste buds would furiously scream at me... ;)

i'm drinking only espresso and this sort of blend might be different in milk based drinks. but i don't digest milk very well, so i wouldn't know...

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