Square Mile Capao and Kangocho AA

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Square Mile Capao and Kangocho AA

Postby Chris » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:40 pm

I realise I might be a little late on this one but I just finished my first bag of Capao this week and it has been my favourite coffee in the french press since Monmouth's incredible Guji Gorbiche back in April. I have a feeling that Capao won't be around for much longer due to Square Mile's constantly changing selection so if you haven't tried it yet then get it while you can. The descriptors state "brown sugar and vanilla, caramel and hazelnuts" and this comes through clearly in the cup with a major emphasis on the hazelnut.

So now the bag has gone I just started on the Kangocho AA on the strength of my great experience with Capao. Kangocho is a totally different coffee full of blackcurrant but not at all overpowering and more enjoyable and complex than many of the other Kenyan coffee's I have brewed this year. Another completely delicious coffee from SQM. Looking forward to another cup tomorrow morning :D

Would be interested to hear of other really unusual single Estate, Farm or Co-op coffees that are out there at the moment so please do share your recommendations. Cheers
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