Buying beans online, what volume would you buy?

Tell us about the latest beans you've discovered and blends you've tried

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Postby dr.chris » Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:01 pm

I think its something you have to work out for yourself sadly. We freeze - and we enjoy the end product very much. Is it as good as fresh? probably not but its a trade off between availability, postage and can you tell that much of a difference?

Perfection costs more than I am prepared to pay, but I enjoy what I get.
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Postby psychomansam » Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:59 am

My current SQM is now approaching two weeks past roasting date and still good. I picked it up day after roasting and it took a couple days to settle down. Aware it's going to go downhill now, but will use it for the next week - still better than anything i can buy locally.

I'm heavily suspicious of freezing but am not currently roasting as i'm moving around too much, and as dr.chris says, sometimes you have to compromise.

Saying that, if you can afford to put in a bit of capital up front, an inmymug subscription is probably one of the best coffee options on the planet and bloody good value...
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Postby Richard » Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:57 am

I had to read through both pages twice before I realised no-one talked about green-beans not being a storage problem. When I joined this forum I dumped the early mistakes of buying roasted and ground and even roasted beans, this was the heavy-duty advice I had and I've never gone wrong since.

I buy 6 kilo's at a time based on Steve's courier costs, I can't see the point in buying 2 kilos three times and adding an extra £16 to the costs. Right now I two types, Brazil-Perfetio blend, about 4 kilos and a 2 kilos bag of La-Fany ??? (Can't remember)

I only drink 2 cups in a day, thats T-cup sized coffee drink, plus I get the odd visitor arriving just to sample the excellent coffee. Always having plenty of greens that don't appear to deteriorate with 12 months periods is very comforting and roasting a batch with a hot-air gun and a collander is soooooo-easy I just don't see the point in getting someone to roast it for you.

Another point I'd like to make, my journey with coffee has been much more pleasant than my journey with wines thanks to help from this forum. I've never had a dreadful cup of coffee (Look for my next thread about my latest experience) since buying greens from Steve, yes, I buggered a roast-or-two way-back but my coffee is always a pleasant experience.

Buy green beans, as many as Steve can get into an £8 delivery, roast-em yourself and don't worry about storage.

Happy New Year everyone.
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