Indonesian Mandheling

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Indonesian Mandheling

Postby espressomattic » Tue Nov 11, 2008 10:41 pm

This was a never tried before bean.

Taken into 2C by 10 secs. Long roast on the Gene - 21 Mins. Was a little concerned that it would bake. Indos are a pain to roast to but very rewarding all the same.

Greens were quite chaffy which surprised me. lovely typical dark green and small in size.

Beans came out nice and dark with a faint sheen on them, no oil drops.

The grounds were very aromatic and heady. Nuttiness came through and a beautiful rich earth smell.

25 second shot pulled a bit short.

Aroma of Nuts and Spice going on, but very subtle. I was expecting the roast profile to realy come through, but was proved wrong. The first thing that struck me was the Intense Nuttiness in the cup followed by a massive Burnt Caramel/Earthyness. There were distinct SPice/Musty tones and an almost mushroom finish.

I was taken back by how clean this was. Despite all the inherant earthyness it wasn't a dirty cup by a long shot. Very interesting and complex. One of the better Indos I have tried for a long time and compares closley with Kalosi.

I have read the notes on and it is bizarre that it is grown in the same area as Lintong, but is so very different. Weird.

And yes Bertie, I am partial to a dark roast every now and again!!!!!!! :P
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