New beans bought...

Tell us about the latest beans you've discovered and blends you've tried

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New beans bought...

Postby warmcup » Thu Sep 01, 2005 11:41 pm

to everyone
i just bought some very nice beans:
- Cabo Verde, ilha do fogo (fire island), very good one, it reminded me a little of east timor coffee
- hawai malulani fanci, a truly new experience, at first cup is...hard, but than you start loving it
- etiopia moka horse brand, never tasted anything like this before, a very good coffee
- brazilian coffee fazenda das aguas claras, not bad at all, but the lesser great one from the bunch.

also tasted a colombian one (forgot the name) which was a rather tasty/fruty one

what are your opinions about this beans/choices?!

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