This week's one

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This week's one

Postby simonp » Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:12 pm

Time for this week's espresso blend experiment.

OK, I roasted:

Roast 1: 250g of Brazilian Cachoera (Hasbean, last year's). Taken about 20s into 2nd crack, although 1st and 2nd merged making it hard to judge>

Roast 2: 100g aged Lintong (Sweet Marias), 90g Ugandan Bugisu ( a bean swap with Ian), and 60g Yirgacheffe. This lot was run about 30s into 2nd crack, and seemed pretty even, the Yirg being perhaps the slightly lighter, whcih is fine.

I tried this at 2 dyas rest (full double) and it was a bit too much, too much bite and acidity. The next day I had it in a morning cappuccino, and it was lovely, really strong caramel and chocolate flavours and some bite.

Today I ran a couple of singles (double basket) and it was good, really thick and syruppy, with caramel, chocolate and molasses (the aged Lintong gets this after a good rest). plus some Yirg aromatics.

This one definitely needs 3+days rest to get the best out of it, but I'm pleased withthe results as the beans have added all the flavours I expected from them.
It's a shame I only have a relatively small ammount of the Bugisu as it is hard to get hold of.
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