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Roasters and roasting

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RE: Ouch...

Postby icke » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:28 pm

a few options to chose from are here:

1. Derogitary term, roughly equivalent to idiot. More insulting than berk, but less insulting that gimp. Thought to originate in the Victorian Era meaning a lower-class foreigner
You twonks, why didn't you use the laser cannon on the Esperanto?
twerp berk twat git fool prat gimp
by Ythomit Sep 26, 2005 share this

2. twonk
Comes from the old school days of the 90s means a cross between a twat and a plonker.
I cant believe you just ate your own poo, you twonk.
twat plonker idiot retard stupid
by Lanksalot Sep 26, 2006

3. Twonk
A cross between a twat, plonker and wanker. Not used as a serious insult, more of a friendly, playful insult.
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RE: Ouch...

Postby geedee » Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:44 pm

Thanks! I have never seen it before ... wrong generation I guess :(
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What's a Gimp?

Postby shannondore » Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:24 am

You twonks, why didn't you use the laser cannon on the Esperanto?
twerp berk twat git fool prat gimp

So, would you say a twonk is more vituperative than gimp?
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RE: Ouch...

Postby lsjms » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:56 pm

Not in my usage, so apologies if you took it as more than mild banter. Twonking involves general stupidity and normal human error. Gimping involves rubber masks and dog chains. World of difference.

I walked right into that one

Not at all, you did that here;

leaving the fire door open when cooling can warp the boiler

I have spent a couple of months looking into different roaster options, indeed there are a few wood fired ones out there but no wet backs. The only thing I know with a fire door and a boiler is a steam engine
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