Any chance of RoastLogger for Bullet R1?

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Any chance of RoastLogger for Bullet R1?

Postby sdh_texan » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:10 am

Just got my Bullet R1, and haven't even done the roasts to season the drum, but it looks like a very fine piece of hardware.

And so far, the software is disappointing, perhaps years behind RoastLogger. Their RoastTime will record roasts and allow control of the roaster parameters (fan, heat, drum speed) and preheat temperature. No playback of roasts; no re-use of profiles; no time and temperature triggers, no Rao ratio display... Basically all the things I particularly enjoyed with RoastLogger have gone missing.

Help, GreenBean! Any chance you could interface to a Bullet R1?

Edit: I've learned that playback of logs works on the Bullet, but it's just playback. No specific action settings with time/temp triggers. Missing the banner with Rao ratio display.

Second edit: Their documentation lags their software/firmware/hardware. They do have Rao ratio displayed, once one finally notices it.

I've now done the roasts for seasoning the drum, and botched my first real roast, as I mostly suspected I would.

I'm still missing the time and temperature triggers, but I can live with the software -- If they eventually do it as well as the hardware, this will be one fine machine.
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Re: Any chance of RoastLogger for Bullet R1?

Postby bruceb » Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:51 am

Hello! The Bullet sure looks good. If you haven't you might contact Aillio about the deficiencies in software and documentation. It seems likely they will have an open ear for suggestions. I don't know whether Greenbean has the possibility to add this roaster to the list of supported machines, but I'm sure he will be along soon to let you know what can be done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this machine. If possible, we all would enjoy a more detailed rundown of the roaster and your impressions as you gain experience with it. Pictures are always a delight! 8)
Thanks again.
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