MC2 and Aeropress newbie help please!

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Postby triptogenetica » Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:45 pm


I have an Iberital MC2, doserless, same as you are using - and from a few months' experience I'd recommend this -

keep a teaspoon, with a narrow handle, next to the grinder. when you finish grinding, use it to take out the grounds that stay in the chute, so you don't get them stale, later. (It also improves the dose!)
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Re: MC2 and Aeropress newbie help please!

Postby AlanAdler » Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:03 am

annetteandbabes wrote:So, I have ordered my very first grinder (Iberital MC2 doserless) and am going to start off with an Aeropress as that is all my budget can manage right now. I have 2x250g bags of beans on the way from Hasbean:
Brazil Camocim Organics Three C’s Coffee
Sumatra Organic Swiss Water Decaffeinated
I really know nothing about coffee need to know where to start, so I'd really appreciate some answers to my basic questions:
1. What weight of beans should I grind for the aeropress?

Each scoop holds about 11-12 grams of beans or grind. One scoop could be compared to single espresso or five ounces of American coffee.

2. Where should I set the MC2 grinder to start?

I'm not familiar with the MC2 but try it on whatever they recommend for "fine drip grind".

4. Can I grind straight into the aeropress funnel?

You can probably grind right into the AeroPress chamber.

5. What temperature should my water be at for the aeropress and do I need to measure the temp?

Most people prefer 175F.

Any other advice welcome please!

See my long post today entitled AeroPress.

Hi Annette,

Some answers above.


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