Espresso Machine Coffee - Coffee Creme?

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Espresso Machine Coffee - Coffee Creme?

Postby lukas » Fri May 26, 2006 1:14 pm

As we're having the "Leineweber Markt" in Bielefeld, where the city goes crazy with all sorts of stands and roundabouts, we also have a small stand from our store. We happen to have two two-group espresso machines there, from which we make all our beverages: Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee.

Coffee? Yes, coffee! At first, I couldn't really believe it. I just couldn't believe that an espresso machine is able to produce a well-tasting coffee. To my very surprise, as we dialed the grinders in, I got a cup of very well-tasting coffee, done with the portafilter in an espresso machine. The grind-settings are somewhere between espresso and filter fineness (you really have to be as careful to it as for espresso ... a bit too coarse or too fine ruins the coffee).

It is a bit hot, as it's burning the tongue a little bit. But it doesn't taste like it's too hot extracted. Man, I'm confused now. (currently drinking a coffee made with the old Gaggia and MDF grinder).

Comments? I'd really appreciate some.

Am I completely mad now?

This week I like my coffee luke-warm.
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