Less resistance in my French Press using Kenya Peaberries

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Less resistance in my French Press using Kenya Peaberries

Postby stevenzaat » Fri Jan 07, 2005 7:10 pm

Hi everybody,

I just started to brew coffee from my favourite coffee, Kenya Peaberrie, using my new Bodum French Press. The strange thing is that I do not have enough resistance when I push the filter through the coffee. I use the setting of my Maestro three dots from the filter sign and when I use Sumatra or Brazilian regular beans this is fine enough and got more then enough resistance.

Should I use a more fine setting or is it just normal for a Peaberry and can I stick to the same setting as for other coffees. The taste is still orgasmic, but as you know we as coffeegeks are always looking for improvement.

Best regards,

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