Cup of excellence announcement blog post

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Cup of excellence announcement blog post

Postby Steve » Sat Jul 18, 2015 8:48 am

My thoughts on the cup of excellence announcement last night and a copy of the PDF for those who missed it
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Re: Cup of excellence announcement blog post

Postby Tongle » Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:12 am

Clearly I am a bit new to all of this but one of the reasons I enjoy coffee and insist on buying it from places like Hasbean is the ethical angle.

Not only is it a nice drink and a fascinating hobby but knowing that my few pence goes towards people who are genuinely trying to make a living whilst also supporting others in employment makes me feel good.

Seems to me that as usual these considerations become secondary to politically or moneytarily motivated individuals/groups who have their own interests at heart.

Surely CofE should be about providing as many growers as possible a platform for showcasing their hard work and quality of product........give them a chance ! It is hard enough to make a life in some of these places without someone trying to pull the rug on a great opportunity.

Just seems unfair to me, not that I really know much about it!
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Re: Cup of excellence announcement blog post

Postby RolandGlew » Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:35 am

Unsurprisingly, I agree with you Tongle, and with Steve. I was lucky enough to be on the Costa Rican CoE jury this year and it was obvious how important the competition was to the community of farmers - and they're a really well organised and connected community!

This has to bring a risk that farmers will see the withdrawal of competitions as giving up and as a cue to give up on coffee growing in some of the countries where it's most difficult to establish long term buying relationships already.
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Re: Cup of excellence announcement blog post

Postby dr.chris » Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:22 pm

I guess in the short term at least you have the links you have already formed with farmers in these regions.

All seems crazy when the demand for coffee in the world is only going up
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