Lots of new coffee!

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Lots of new coffee!

Postby Steve » Thu Aug 01, 2019 2:10 pm

So we've been working away to give you A LOT of new coffees!

Kenya Karagoto Washed Peaberry

Caramelised orange - blackcurrant - sherbet
Ever had caramelised orange? This coffee is full of it. There's a little blackcurrant edge and it's sightly sherbet-like too.

£9.00 for 250g, £34.20 for 1kg

Bolivia Finca Floripondio Washed SL28

Blackcurrant - honeycomb - mango
This is a wonderful combination of the classic Kenyan flavour of blackcurrant with a sweet and creamy honeycomb that is totally Bolivia. Add in a shoulder of mango which is al it's own and this is a bit special.

£18.00 for 250g, £64.60 for 1kg

Bolivia Finca Floripondio Washed Batian

White sugar - lime - black tea - blackcurrant - milk chocolate
Expect white sugar with lime at the start, with an edge of black tea and blackcurrant coming along after. The fruitiness shifts in the finish as milk chocolate lingers at the end.

£15.00 for 250g, £57.00 for 1kg

El Salvador Finca La Fany Palo Alto Natural Bourbon

Greengage - kiwi - pomelo, cherry
Wow! This is both super clean and complex. There's greengage and kiwi fruit up front, then a shoulder of pomelo and even a little cherry on the aftertaste - a wonderful mashup of fruits.

£8.50 for 250g, £32.30 for 1kg

El Salvador Finca La Fany Natural Bourbon

Green apple - cider - raisin - chocolate
This is one of the cleanest natural processed coffees you'll find. It's green apple, with just a hint of a cider edge to it, shifting into raisins on the finish. As it fades, there's chocolate in the aftertaste, pulling you back in for another sip.

£7.50 for 250g, £28.50 for 1kg

El Salvador Finca La Fany Washed Bourbon

Brown sugar - milk chocolate - hazelnut - white grape
A chugging coffee through and through, this is brown sugar, milk chocolate and hazelnut. It's full and round with a delicate white grape on the finish.

£7.00 for 250g, £26.60 for 1kg

Bolivia Finca La Llama Washed Geisha Hawaii

Apricot - pineapple - orange - floral
This'll be the juiciest thing you've had since your morning glass of orange juice. It's fresh apricot and sweet pineapple mashed up with orange. You might get a shoulder of florals, but make no mistake this Geisha is all about the fruit.

£22.00 for 250g, £83.60 for 1kg

Honduras Finca Cerro Azul Natural Longberry

Macerated strawberries - peach - pecan
All aboard the funky bus! For me this is sweet, sticky macerated strawberries all over, with a little bit of peach on the side. On the aftertaste is a shoulder of pecan too. Anyone else wanting dessert now?

£10.00 for 250g, £38 for 1kg

Honduras Finca Cerro Azul Washed Red Catuai

Milk chocolate - single cream - pomegranate - cranberry
Expect a little bit of cranberry before milk chocolate and cream take over. That simple, more-ish sweetness is joined by a delicate pomegranate for a super balanced cup.

£7.00 for 250g, £26.60 for 1kg

Kenya Othaya Chinga Natural

Bruised plums - blackjack sweets - blueberry
A blend of the best of Kenya and the best of Natural processing, this is full of bruised plums and blueberries. There's a big kick of Blackjack sweets before then end brings back the berries with a shoulder of sweet booze.

£8.50 for 250g, £32.30 for 1kg

Nicaragua Finca La Escondida Washed Red Catuai

Chocolate orange - brown sugar - lime zest
This may not be Terry's, but it's definitely chocolate orange. There's a sprinkle of brown sugar too before a light zest of lime on the aftertaste.

£7.00 for 250g, £26.60 for 1kg

Kenya Kiriga Estate C Washed

Tinned fruit cocktail - blackcurrant - caramel - cocoa
In the cup I want you to think of a tin of fruit cocktail...now throw in some blackcurrants. It feels odd, but somehow that mashup of sweet fruit flavours really works here. Over those sweet fruit flavours is drizzled caramel and a little sprinkle of cocoa.

£7.00 for 250g, £26.60 for 1kg
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