Yet MORE New Coffees?!

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Yet MORE New Coffees?!

Postby Steve » Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:20 pm

Yes! And this time it's one from Guatemala and two from Bolivia 8)

Guatemala Finca La Soledad Amaton

Milk chocolate - Malted Milk biscuit - Peach
In the cup expect a milk chocolate coated Malted Milk (moo cow) biscuit! That yummy mix of biscuit sweetness and lingering chocolate flavour is joined by a hint of peach in what is wonderfully balanced and chuggable coffee.
£7.00 for 250g, £26.60 for 1kg

Bolivia Bebeto Mamani Washed Caturra

Lime curd - Pineapple cubes - Raspberry - Trifle
In the cup I want you to think lime curd. Not tart, but sweet and creamy and that lime flavour running though. As it finishes, there's a medley of fruit flavours that creep in - pineapple cubes and raspberry alongside tropical hints. With all that fruit and cream, there's no surprise this reminds me of trifle! Yum!
£7.50 for 250g, £28.50 for 1kg

Bolivia Don Carlos Washed Caturra

Chocolate Cornetto - Peach - Grapefruit Zest
In the cup it's a classic Cornetto! There's a complex sweetness that mixes those flavours of icecream & cone with chocolate. There's a little hint of peach too and an aftertaste that reminds me of grapefruit zest, but when I go back for another sip, it's for one more Cornetto.
£7.00 for 250g, £26.60 for 1kg
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