*2 Yemenis and and El Salvador*

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*2 Yemenis and and El Salvador*

Postby Steve » Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:22 pm

Yep, we've got 3 new Coffees for you! :D

El Salvador Finca La Fany Natural Orange Bourbon

tiramisu - orange zest - boozy
In the cup expect a creamy, boozy tiramisu. There's a grating of fresh orange zest over the top, but it's the sweet, creamy and indulgent richness that will stay with you in the aftertaste.

£11.00 for 250g, £41.80 for 1kg

Yemen Al-Emadi Fresh Cherry Natural

cantaloupe melon - white wine - cacao - black pepper
In the cup this is fresh cantaloup melon with a glass of white wine. Cocoa nibs pop up before black pepper takes its place on the finish.

£12.00 for 250g, £46.60 for 1kg

Yemen Mahal Aqeeq ul Yemen Red Cherry Natural

sponge cake - rum and raisin ice cream - allspice
In the cup expect a dessert. There's a sponge cake like sweetness paired with creamy rum and raisin ice cream, all finished off with a little allspice on the finish.

£15.00 for 250g, £57.00 for 1kg
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