Hello El Salvador!

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Hello El Salvador!

Postby Steve » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:34 am

This is an exciting comeback! As I'm sure a lot of you know, this farm is very dear to our hearts, with our very own Dale Harris using their coffee to secure himself as the winner of the World Barista Championship in 2017 :D

El Salvador Finca Las Brumas Wild Forest Project Natural SL28

Sultana - Green Apple - Cider Brandy
In the cup this is a complex and funky natural. Expect sultanas and fresh green apples. There's a boozy cider brandy soaking it and a little kick of plum on the finish.

£12.50 for 250g, £47.50 for 1kg

El Salvador Finca Las Brumas Wild Forest Project Washed SL28

Brown Sugar - Tangerine - Orange Peel
In the cup you’ll get a creamy sweetness up front, with hints of brown sugar. Tangerine takes over next, swinging subtly in to orange peel on the finish.

£12.50 for 250g, £47.50 for 1kg

Las Brumas Tasting Pack Pre-Order

A pre-order for 4 different coffees from Finca Las Brumas in Santa Ana, El Salvador to celebrate 1 year since Dale Harris won the World Barista Championship.

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