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We've got new Coffees from Kenya!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:06 am
by Steve
Incoming! :mrgreen: :arrow:

Kiriga Washed AA

Muranga, Gatanga, Kenya
Hops - Grapefruit - Blackcurrant

In the cup this is super complex. It's got a kick of hops, mixing floral and grapefruit flavours with a slight spicy edge. There's also the classic blackcurrant which appears on the finish.
£9.00 for 250g, £34.20 for 1kg

Kiriga Washed AB

Muranga, Gatanga, Kenya
Ribena - Orange - brown sugar

In the cup it starts with Ribena. There's a shoulder of orange there too and some dark fruit sweetness. On the aftertaste, that fruit sweetness shifts into soft brown sugar.
£7.50 for 250g, £28.50 for 1kg

Kieni Washed AA

Nyeri, Kenya
Lime & Tonic - Orange Zest - Redcurrant

In the cup this is about the acidity. Think a Lime and Tonic, with a little orange zest on the side. There's a little fruit sweetness to balance it but the finish is still crisp and clean. In the aftertaste you get a little hint of redcurrant, super interesting.
£8.00 for 250g, £30.40 for 1kg