*New Coffee Alert*

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*New Coffee Alert*

Postby Steve » Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:13 am

A new wave of Guatemalans have landed! :mrgreen:

El Bosque Bourbon Washed

Amatitlán, Villa Canales, Guatemala
Brasil Nut, Pecan Nut, Walnut

In the cup you'll get a bag of nuts. Nuts, nuts, nuts!! There's Brasil Nut, then a sweet Pecan pops up and an edge of dry Walnut on the finish. Even the texture is chunky - heavy bodied in your mouth without being gloopy.
£6.00 for 250g, £22.80 for 1kg

El Limon San Ramon Washed

Palencia, Guatemala
Dark Chocolate, Grape Skin, Apple Sweets

In the cup expect a Dark Chocolate. An easy drinking chugger, it's really well rounded and balanced. There's a subtle White grape skin against the Chocolate, and an interesting aftertaste that reminds me of Apple flavoured boiled Sweets.
£6.50 for 250g £24.70 For 1kg

El Limon Pacamara Natural

Palencia, Guatemala
Mandarin, Sherbet, Lemonade

In the cup this is a super complex and clean Natural. Up front you'll get a big hit of sweet Mandarin orange. Fizzy Sherbet kicks in next, with a finish that reminds me of lemonade.
£9.00 for 250g £34.20 For 1kg
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