Bolivia La Linda Coco Natural Longberry - perfect cold brew?

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Bolivia La Linda Coco Natural Longberry - perfect cold brew?

Postby Steve » Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:14 pm

With the UK starting to roast - OK no hang on, I'm not going to do it, was thinking of filling this post with heatwave and roasting comedy but I'll save you all from that because IT IS TOO HOT for such shenanigans!!

Today we have launched a new coffee and I think it could brew a whoppingly delicious cold brew to help you survive the heat this week, or if you like to stick to the hot stuff (as I mostly do) then it will also of course do a tasty job there too! Have a read of this and imagine sipping some and tell me you don't feel refreshed...

La Linda Coco Natural Longberry
Bolinda, Caranavi, Bolivia
Key lime pie, grapefruit, cocoa powder
In the cup it's a tropical fruit dessert mash up! Key lime pie fights with mango puree and grapefruit jelly, with the winner getting a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top to finish it off.
£12.00 for 250g, £45.60 for 1kg
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