Nic Las Delicias, Escondida Laurina W + N and Cerro Azul N!

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Nic Las Delicias, Escondida Laurina W + N and Cerro Azul N!

Postby Steve » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:15 pm

Another day, another few amazingly delicious new coffees for me to tell you about!!

Honduras Finca Cerro Azul Natural Red Catuai
Dark rum, dark chocolate, date
In the cup think dark. Think dark rum mixed with dark chocolate, and dark liquorice and dark dates and a boozy finish. Perfect for those dark nights.
£6.00 for 250g

Nicaragua Las Delicias Washed Longberry
Lemon, lychee, milk chocolate
In the cup there are lemons and lychees with a milk chocolate sweetness and complex + super interesting finish.
£8.00 for 250g

Nicaragua Finca La Escondida Natural Laurina
Golden syrup, honey, Hobnob
In the cup this super sweet coffee leads with golden syrup and honey. With a super clean finish that gives you walnut and Hobnobs, sounds like a perfect dunking biscuit coffee to me!
£8.00 for 250g

Nicaragua Finca La Escondida Washed Laurina
Violets, hundreds and thousands
In the cup this is a run through a field of daisies, think violets and candy sweetness finished off with a mouth full of hundreds and thousands.
£8.00 for 250g
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