IMM 462 & Limoncillo Red Pacamaras

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IMM 462 & Limoncillo Red Pacamaras

Postby Steve » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:07 pm


Still got it 8)

Meanwhile, in other news, Red Pacamaras from Finca Limoncillo are baaaaaaaack!

Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Elegant Natural Red Pacamara
Strawberry, cream, yogurt
This coffee was described by one of our roasters (Gary) as Wimbledon coffee! In the cup it's super clean, full of creamy fresh strawberries alongside a hint of yoghurt.
£8.50 for 250g

Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Funky Natural Red Pacamara
Hubba Bubba, cherry, white sugar
In the cup I can’t help but think of chewing Hubba Bubba chewing gum as a child. Fresh cherry, sharp fruit acidity with a white sugar sweetness and a huge cherry aftertaste with a big body.
£8.50 for 250g

Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Pulped Natural Red Pacamara
Green apple, lemon juice, hops, NZ IPA
In the cup welcome the new apple harvest. Sharp green apples with lemon juice acidity and a very sweet white sugar sweetness. In the aftertaste there's some new world hops (think New Zealand IPA type hops) in the finish.
£8.50 for 250g

Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Washed Red Pacamara
Baker's chocolate, white sugar, black pepper, nettle
In the cup this is dominated with baker's chocolate. But when you look a little deeper there's a white sugar and black pepper delicate note that finishes with a nettle like finish. A unique cup.
£8.50 for 250g
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