SO many new coffees!

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SO many new coffees!

Postby Steve » Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:26 pm

I've been busy...

Bolivia La Linda Experimental Washed Caturra
Bolinda, Caranavi, Yungas
Raspberry Starburst, orange, red apple
In the cup this is a wonderfully sweet and fruity coffee, raspberry Starburst meets sweet orange with red apple on the finish. Super delicious and a shining example of the wonderful things a bit of experimentation can do.

Bolivia La Linda Washed Caturra
Bolinda, Caranavi, Yungas
Sparkling white wine, candied lemon, pineapple cubes
In the cup think sparkling white wine with some candied lemon around the edge of the glass, then on the aftertaste pineapple cubes. A deliciously fruity and bright coffee.

Brazil Fazenda Inglaterra Pulped Natural Canario
Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerias
Caramel brittle, milk chocolate, lemon
In the cup this is a super well rounded coffee, the kind of cup you can drink all day every day and love love love. Caramel brittle is the main thing I get alongside delicious Brazilian milk chocolate, there's also the aroma of lemon and a lovely soft low acidity.

Brazil Carmo Estate Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon
Heliodora, Minas Gerais
Crunchy peanut butter, toasted malt, banana
In the cup expect crunchy peanut butter and gentle toasted malt, a big chewy body and subtle banana acidity on the finish.

Bolivia La Linda Pulped Natural Longberry
Bolinda, Caranavi, Yungas
Candied lemon, white sugar, rosewater
In the cup think those candied lemon pieces that are covered in white sugar with a clean and delicate finish of rosewater and floral notes.

Bolivia Teodocio Mamani Washed
Canton Uyunense, Caranavi, Yungas
Orange jelly, peach juice
In the cup expect a lovely fruit sweetness, with orange jelly wobble mid-palate that finishes with peach juice.

Colombia Villa Dellen Washed Caturra
Palestina, Huila
Melted ice cream, chocolate coated raisins, boozy
In the cup this is like melted ice cream and chocolate coated raisins, there's a boozy fruity edge and then a little light cherry on the finish.

Bolivia La Linda Natural Caturra
Bolinda, Caranavi, Yungas
Rhubarb & custard sweets, dark rum, boozy
In the cup this is a liquid rhubarb and custard sweet, with a bit of dark rum thrown in for fun! A really creamy and boozy coffee.
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