Which are d best grinders in Manual, conical and flat burr?

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Re: Which are d best grinders in Manual, conical and flat bu

Postby frcn » Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:36 pm

Beyond the fact that you are writing an article and are wanting people to do the research for you, there is really no way to answer the question. You have not even given us a definition of "Best." I think most experienced users would have difficulty in finding 10 great conical grinders worth considering.

I would suggest doing some research and coming up with ten of each category you find worthy of consideration, then let people vote for the "best" (whatever that may mean).

To some, best means it creates the best beverage regardless of all other factors. Some would say best is the one that looks best on the counter (yes, really). Others would say the quietest one is the best and nothing else is important.

For example, I have one of the best conical grinders made. If I live to be 100 it will still be going strong and likely with the original burrs. But is is a commercial grinder and most people would find it a pain to use because it is not designed for home use. It also sells for around $1600.

And putting "Manual" in a category of its own is sort of silly. There are manual conical and manual flat burr grinders. So there should be four categories:
-Manual flat burr
-Manual conical burr
-Electric flat burr
-Electric conical burr
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