Do I need a non-return(anti-backflow) valve with a vibe-pump

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Do I need a non-return(anti-backflow) valve with a vibe-pump

Postby SimonInd » Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:21 pm

I've just had my Fracinio Heavenly apart as it seemed to get blocked (pump making a noise but doing nothing) and I've traced the problem to a sticking non-return valve on the line from the pump to the solenoid.

The rubber o-ring was sticking and, on removing it to clean, split. Googling to find a replacement lead me to this site which implies that due to the way the vibration pump operates, a non-return valve isn't required: ... turn-valve

The pump is an ULKA EX5 and the machine seems to function fine without the o-ring in the non-return valve - although it's obviously no longer sealing, so I'm wondering if its not better to leave it this way and avoid another cause of maintenance?

Any advice/thoughts appreciated
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Postby GreenBean » Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:26 am

I do not think you will have a problem if you remove the innards of the non-return valve. I am concerned, however, that many manufacturers do fit non return valves to machines with a vibration pump. Perhaps they know something we do not?

I assume you have had several years service from this valve. A new valve would probably cost less than £10 and a new o-ring for the existing valve would probably cost a few pence. Taking all this into account I would suggest repairing (new o-rig) or replacing the valve.

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