Help cleaning Fracino Little Gem

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Help cleaning Fracino Little Gem

Postby Mattpitts74 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:13 am


I have recently managed to buy a secondhand fracino Little Gem from ebay, which is in good working order. I want to make sure we look after it as well as possible. We are using it commercially in a very small cafe mainly just at weekends.

I just have a few questions about cleaning?

I have already been using Cafiza cleaner for the group head and back flushing, but I would like to know the best way to clean the actual water tank of this machine??

Also wondering if there is any particular routine I should go through when switching the machine off at the end of the day?
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RE: Help cleaning Fracino Little Gem

Postby RobC » Tue May 15, 2012 8:10 pm

As long as you are backflushing with cleaning solution, and then followed by at least 5 backflushes with just water to rinse it all out - you are cleaning the most important parts of the machine systems.

The cold water reservoir of the little gem itself should not really need cleaning - it just holds cold water and presuming that is all you are pouring in - and use the plastic stopper to seal it between fills there should be no issue - especially as the water from the tank will be heated to at least 90 degrees before it is consumed - if you really wanted to drain and flush the cold water tank you would need to unplug and depressurise the machine, remove the chrome body panels (they wrap round it like [_] and the retainers are front middle left and right) then remove the hose from the vibratory pump inlet - drain the water out - flush your tank with whatever you wish - rinse to make sure it is fresh and then rebuild.

End of day, backflush - if not with cleaner at least with fresh water a few times. Turn off - do not leave the steam arm soaking in anything while it is turning off - the depressure vacuum will suck whatever it soaking in into the boiler - to be uber safe turn off then open the steam arm and leave it open so the internal pressure is released that way - gives the steam arm a good flush as well.
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