Send Callum to Bogotá!

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Send Callum to Bogotá!

Postby Gouezeri » Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:54 am

As I am sure most of you are aware, this year's WBC is going to be hosted in Bogotá, Colombia; the first time it has been held in a producing nation.

There is currently a competition being held to send a barista, expenses paid, to Bogotá for the duration of the WBC. A discussion was held on whether to send Steve, but given that he is not a barista and that the prize includes return flights, we decided against. :twisted:

There is, however, a very worthy candidate in Callum Hale-Thompson. Callum recently competed in the regional heats of the UKBC, where he placed 3rd in the London heat and 9th nationally, which would have easily seen him through to the semi-finals, if he had been allowed to compete. You see Callum is only 15, yet he is already one of the top ten competing baristas in the UK! And a nice lad to boot! Plus he uses SQM, which isn't bad coffee :wink:

Just imagine what kind of learning experience this could be for a young barista who is truly passionate about coffee. The very least we can do is encourage him by showing him our support and voting for him here

In order to control voting, you are required to register to vote, then login, but it is pretty painless!

Please pass on this info and thanks in advance
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