Elektra A3 buying advice needed please

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Elektra A3 buying advice needed please

Postby dwalsh1 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:03 pm

After much deliberating I'm going to sell my body parts (joke) for my next and probably my last machine. It still is a close call between a vibienne double domo and an Elektra A3 and looking at prices the A3 is a few hundred quid cheaper here in the UK so that's what I'm going for. So readers I need to know from fellow Elektra owners/users any first hand experience they have had regarding user friendliness of this machine or the T1 for that matter. Any warranty issues from Elektra and, are spare parts easily sourced. Any other info will be good as well. Home-Barista rate it highly but that's on 110v so I wonder if anything changes when on 230v ? Your views please. By the way it will (if purchased) come from myespresso. Thanks. Dennis
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