Would like to buy an Olympia, preferably a Cremina

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Would like to buy an Olympia, preferably a Cremina

Postby mankini » Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:52 pm

Hello from sunny London...
Just joined this site and am seeking an Olympia espresso machine. I prefer the old style vintage ones but am open to a newer used one at a sensible price. I would prefer to buy a lever rather than a semiautomated machine. If anyone knows anywhere or anyone that is selling then fire away. I know where to buy a new one but... i'd like a used one. :)
I dont wish to buy one on ebay as this is a very impersonal way and you cant discuss the condition etc in detail. Payment would of course be ideally via Paypal so its safe for all parties involved.
If anyone also has recently walked past an antique or second hand shop and seen one on offer then please let me know too.
I hope this is the acceptable forum to post such a request?
Thanks. :D
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