Taormina espresso?

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Taormina espresso?

Postby TrevorH » Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:21 pm

Any reccomendations or thoughts on what to expect espresso-wise in Sicily, specifically Taormina area?

Is the stereotype of very dark roasts and ristretto shots in southern Italy still true, generally?

It's a long time since I last visited Italy (and never Sicily) - the last time I went I wasn't a barista yet, and wasn't really noticing in close detail what the coffee was like, as such. I'm expecting shots and capps to be of a generally good standard MUCH more commonly than here in the UK, but at the same time am not expecting to be blown away by anything 'modern' or 'artisan' (without seeking it out, at least). It'll be intriguing!

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